Your Mystery Rally will take you through the picturesque countryside of the Somerset Region, with scenery ranging from magnificent lakeside drives, to lush farming country and rainforest beauty. You will see ancient and derelict buildings still standing – buildings from a time when life was lived at a much slower pace. The people from the country towns you experience, will extend to you the friendliness and hospitality of our region.

Participants will be given a list of questions and tasks to complete on the Mystery Rally – some straightforward, some mildly cryptic. Complete the course, return to the Estate and hand in your paperwork to a Woongooroo Estate official, who will clock you back in and correct, validate and score your rally questions/tasks etc.

Each car must have at least two occupants – driver and navigator, with navigator to complete any in car course activity.

• Benchmark times for each Mystery Rally course have been compiled by conforming with the various route/course speed limits and adhering to the appropriate road rules (It is not the lowest time to complete the course which wins!)

• Our Estate encourages safe and courteous driving, with respect for Somerset Region residents and the environment.

• Please do not drink and drive.

Mystery Rallies can be organized on any day of the week. but obviously Saturdays and Sundays will suit most. Please contact the Estate for availability, as a booking for a weekend will be the most popular. Rallies will usually commence around 9-10am and finish back at the Estate for lunch.

Included in the $30 Mystery Rally entry per vehicle is morning tea for two – eg

a salad /meat wrap and a fruit juice / soft drink each. Morning Tea for each extra passenger is $8.

(You are more than welcome to bring extra supplies for morning tea).